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Agora Associates - is a small business of Dr. Bill Smith that:
  • offers consulting, training, problem resolution, retreat opportunities, and other services. Services benefit small or large businesses, industry, public or private schools, government and health care agencies, and nonprofit charitable organizations.
  • provides resources for Christian Ministries supported by or conducted by Dr. Bill & Lois Smith.
    Agora Associates began in 1989, as ministry to meet people's needs through prayer, counseling, teaching, sharing and caring. The Lord has used us to minister while providing Agora Associates as a covering for secular work ("tent-making") approved by the Lord.
  • The Agora in AthensThe word "agora" means market place. According to the Bible dictionary, it was in ancient cities the town meeting place, where the public met for the exchange of merchandise, information and ideas. As centers where people congregated, the Agorae of Galilee and Judea were the scenes for many of the healing miracles of Christ (Mark 6:56). The heart of ancient Athens was the Agora which was the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activity, the religious and cultural centre, and the seat of justice.
    In Athens, Paul's daily talks in the Agora led directly to his famed message (Acts 17:17) on Mars Hill, west of the Acropolis. Webster's dictionary says "agora" in Greek is related to the word gregarious and means a meeting place especial the marketplace in ancient Greece. In Hebrew the word "agora" was a small coin. Being a small coin, it was more likely to be used by the poor and needy than by the rich.
  • The word "associates" means partners, colleagues, companions and comrades and to be closely connected to one another, in other words, co-workers in the Agora (marketplace) for Christ. Note, an associate is one having secondary or subordinate status. We as associates have subordinate or secondary status to our Lord Jesus Christ but we have authority given by Him to carry out the Father's work and the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish whatever work given us.
  • The ministry is carried out in the market place of the world - out on the highways and in the byways. Ministering continues to be to all people as the Spirit leads, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Agora reminds us of Christ's work outside of the Synagogue (the physical church building and meetings) and of Christ's work through Paul as he witnessed the Gospel to the Greeks (the lost around us).

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